Durham Together


The “Durham Together” site is intended to help people living in or near Durham, NY during the coronavirus crisis. It was compiled by Durham resident Bernard Rivers in consultation with Karen Rothmyer Rivers and Lawrence Byrne.

Click here for a list of local stores and restaurants that as of March 27, 2020 were open for purchases of food, take-out or medications. (Some updates and new entries were made through April 10.)

And click here for a list of volunteers who have offered to collect food, take-out or medications for those who cannot or should not leave home and need someone to bring it to them.

These lists are also available in Facebook, under “@DurhamTogether” (one word). (Or go to www.Facebook.com/DurhamTogether.)

We will regularly update these lists. If you see errors or missing information, or would like to have your name added as a volunteer, please contact Bernard.Rivers@Gmail.com. In addition, please let us know if you have other information that you think might be useful to Durham residents.